EVENTS Limmud Italia Is on Its Way

limmudBy Rossella Tercatin

Talmud and social network. Zionism and Jewish ethics, music and theatre. Limmud Conference, the organization focused on Jewish education in all its forms, is about to deliver its first event in Italy.
The first Limmud Italia Day is set to take place in Florence on Sunday and Monday, June 1st and 2nd, 2014, attracting people from all over the country willing to enjoy Limmud special atmosphere and great variety of sessions and topics.

Limmud, whose core mission is “to take you one step further on your Jewish journey, wherever you find yourself” was founded in the United Kingdom in the early Eighties and is today present in almost forty countries including France, Germany, the United States, Russia, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Israel.

Among the speakers who signed up for Limmud Italia are Rabbis, historians, teachers, journalists, artists. A variety of sessions will be offered during every hour of the event, allowing the participants to choose according to their own interest, age, taste and wish to experiment.

On Sunday night, the live show “Un grembo, due nazioni, molte anime” (“One womb, two nations, many soul”) will bring the audience into the fascinating history of the Jews in Italy from the time of the Ghetto to Emancipation.