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angelica-calo-livneBy Angelica Edna Calo Livne*

This is the third year of our project PRL – Partnership of Regional Leadership.
We work with youngsters from Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Israel.
This week, Annika Khano, the coordinator of KAS, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung wrote:
“Dear all,
this is just a reminder that the training in Aqaba will be the same as last year. So I strongly recommend bringing new teachers to the training. Also, we need to train additional teachers for the second project round. (Also according the project proposal)
In any case I still do recommend bringing the school coordinators.
Warm regards,
I replied:
“Dear friends!
We are living hard days but we have to continue to nurture our collaboration, our friendship and all the beauty that we have created! We need all our strengths!
I have new activities and I will happy to bring all my love to the Teacher’s training!
With my broken heart but with all my hope
The Palestinian colleague from Ramallah wrote:
“It is really crazy what is going on. No doubt that this has a shadow in our works. However, I strongly believe of our work and I do think that our work has to be done in these critical times as Peace is needed in war times not in Peace times. Rgds”
And from Amman:
“Our joint works in these days must continue , we are living in a very critical area patience and goodwill are needed.
God help you all.
Waiting for a Shabbat Shalom”

*On the border of Lebanon