NEWS From Italy to Israel, a Tangible Help

hospitalBy Rossella Tercatin

During the past few weeks, Italy has been experiencing a very odd summer: storms and chill have replaced the usual hot and sunny weather. Something close to what can be said about the mood and the feelings of Italian Jews, considering the difficult times Israel is going through.

Although it is not as true as it was in the past, summertime in Italy is a period when people are usually more relaxed, things go on slowly and a lot of activities close for vacation.
But in the Italian Jewish Communities, the atmosphere could not be more different, with people anxiously checking the news every few minutes, debating Middle East issues, checking on friends ad relatives living in Israel.

As it is true for many Jewish Communities all over the world, Italian Jewry feels a deep connection to the Jewish State, a bond that grows stronger year after year.
The board of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), has been closely monitoring the situation and during its last meeting has deliberated to allocate some funds to offer a tangible help. Some of the main organizations offering assistance to the civilian populations, both Israeli and Palestinian, as well as to the Israeli Defense Forces have been chosen and will receive Italian support.

The task of UCEI will also be to coordinate the efforts of all Italian people, Jews and non Jews alike, and of all institutions willing to promote democracy and peace against terror.
The list of the chosen organizations will be disclosed in the next hours. Among them is LIBI fund, which among other things, helps the educational and medical needs of the IDF soldiers.