MEDIA Pagine Ebraiche Ready for Spring

PEBy Rachel Silvera

The March issue of Pagine Ebraiche is a sort of literary green therapy. Its’ monthly dossier is dedicated to copious stories about plants, fruits, flowers and their connection with Jews.

Roberto Jona, a botanist, guides the readers through the symbols of the plants and fruits found in the Torah. Rabbi Gianfranco Di Segni shows the Talmudic plants. And still another article introduces the Rome rose garden, an old and fascinating Jewish graveyard dating from 1645. Sarah Kaminski presents Rebbe Nachman’s tale about a Turkish prince.
In this issue Israel also plays an important role with its environmental associations such as Keren Kayemet and Beautiful Israel and added to that its advanced research in the environmental field.

“Feeding the planet,” will be the main theme of Expo 2015 in Milan: Ruggero Gabbai, President of Milan City Council committee for Expo 2015 gives us some informative news about its’ opening which will be held on May 1th.

This month Pagine Ebraiche also presents news about a bill approved by the Italian Senate, harshening penalties for Holocaust denial, “An important page in the history of our country,” said the President of UCEI – Union of the Italian Jewish Communities – Renzo Gattegna.

Also presented in the March issue of Pagine Ebraiche is a new survey by the Italian polling organization SWG, about the impact of minority groups on the society.

This issue also features the new format of Rassegna Mensile d’Israel, an important review of the cultural universe of Italian Jews.