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FOOD From Dish to Mind

kasherBy Adam Smulevich

A growing number of consumers is interested in kosher products. There are many explanations for this interest: the quality, the attention given to ethics, plus the strict control of every phase of production.
“It’s an international trend and there are many kosher products available in Italy today. We have to work in this direction,” said Jacqueline Fellus, the member of the board of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities in charge of developing a national kasherut certification system.
This was a challenge which was the focus of the panel “Jewish food, from Dish to Mind” organized by Pagine Ebraiche at the Turin International Book Fair.

“In the Jewish tradition, we give a lot of importance to food and its value,” said the president of the Italian Jewish Medical Association Giorgio Mortara. He introduced ‘La dieta kasher’, a book published by Giuntina and edited by the journalist Rossella Tercatin. The book illustrates the different themes regarding kasherut.

The fascinating Italian Jewish culinary tradition was explained by the other panelists at the event. The panel was introduced by journalist Ada Treves. Writer and journalist Alessandro Marzo Magno highlighted that even the Talmud speaks of ‘spaghetti’ (It is called ‘vermicels’). Author Roberta Anau explained the suggestive mix of traditions present in her Jewish cooking (Italian, French, Spanish). To conclude, the food blogger Benedetta Guetta spoke about the success of her blog