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SPORTS The Israeli Ghost of an Italian World Champion  

antognoniBy Adam Smulevich
He was one of the most skillful and creative offensive playmakers of his generation, and also one of the legendary players who won the 1982 FIFA World Cup title for Italy. Giancarlo Antognoni at age of 62 …

FOOD New App Lists Kosher Products Available in Italy

cibusBy Francesca Matalon

To speak about kasherut is also to speak about quality, according to Jacqueline Fellus, responsible for, the Italian national kosher certification initials released by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), of whose board Fellus is …

FOOD Jewish-Roman Cuisine Airs on TV

romeBy Pagine Ebraiche Staff

A six-episode show devoted to the cucina giudaico-romanesca (Jewish-Roman cuisine) is going to air on Italian TV culinary channel Gambero Rosso starting next month. Introducing the dishes to the public will be chef Laura Ravaioli.

Announcing …

FOOD A Kosher Gourmet Paradise in Paris

zanoniBy Francesca Matalon

Everybody remembers TV super-star chef Gordon Ramsay fighting against culinary nightmares in every corner of the world shouting, throwing dishes and then later reconstructing them in order to make the worst of taverns become the trendiest foodies’ …

FOOD From Dish to Mind

kasherBy Adam Smulevich

A growing number of consumers is interested in kosher products. There are many explanations for this interest: the quality, the attention given to ethics, plus the strict control of every phase of production.
“It’s an international trend …

PURIM 5775 From Hamantaschen to Chiacchiere

chiacchiereBy Rossella Tercatin

In the Jewish world when you say Purim you hear Hamantaschen. The triangle-shaped cookies traditionally filled with poppy seeds (but also jam, chocolate and more) are the typical Ashkenazi food associated with this holiday. Hamantaschnen is offered …

FOOD The Ark of Taste Docks in Turin


The tenth edition of Salone del Gusto-Terra Madre, the five days event that transforms Turin in the capital of the food world will close today. With the Expo 2015 only six months away, in the year that …

FOOD A Very Italian Rosh Hashanah

roshhashanaBy Rossella Tercatin

Everyone knows about apples and honey. But when it comes to Rosh HaShanah dishes, there is much more to say. “May You bring upon us a sweet New Year (Shanah Tova Umetukah)”, the words one is supposed …