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FOOD For a Roman Shabbat, the Simmering Stracotto

stracottoBy Benedetta Guetta*

Stracotto, a simple pot roast in tomato sauce, is a traditional Jewish food from the Ghetto of Rome. Forget the meals-in-minutes approach to cooking: this beef roast will stay simmering in the pot for hours, just until …

FEATURES The Global History of Jewish Food

pollenzoBy Ada Treves

It is well known that food has a great importance in Italian culture. At least as much as it has in Jewish culture. And the only Italian University where all courses and subjects have to do with …

FOOD After a Roman Yom Kippur, Triglie con Uvette e Pinoli

Schermata 05-2456796 alle 23.31.49By Benedetta Guetta*

The combination of pine nuts, raisins and vinegar probably dates back to the Middle Ages: most of the oldest Italian cookbooks feature a vast collection of sweet-and-sour recipes, in which the sourness of vinegar is balanced by …

FOOD & FILMS When Ricotta and Chocolate Are Oscar-worthy

boccioneBy Adam Smulevich

Only hours after “The Great Beauty”, the Italian movie drama, which portrays the declining and yet sparkling life of a stunning Rome, won the Oscar for best foreign language film, the director, Paolo Sorrentino, born and raised …

FOOD From the Heart of the Old Ghetto, Pizza di Beridde

pizzeBy Benedetta Guetta*

One of the best kept secrets in the Jewish ghetto of Rome is called pizza ebraica or pizza di Beridde. It’s a heavy, warm, dense fruitcake type of cookie, that traditionally looks pretty burned and perhaps not …

FOOD Made in Italy & Kosher

cibusBy Rossella Tercatin

In Italy, food does not mean only nutrition, recipes and industry. It represents tradition, culture, the nature of the country and the society itself.
A feature that is definitely not foreign to Jewish tradition, which also cherishes …

FOOD – Ciambellette, the Roman Cookies for a Sweet Passover

ciambelletteBy Simone Somekh

As Passover approaches, each Jewish family around the world gets ready for the holiday, not just by removing every single crumb of hametz from the house, but also by reviving some of the longest-lasting family traditions in …