NEWS A New Board for the Jewish Community of Rome

romeBy Adam Smulevich

On June 23, 2015, the Jewish Community of Rome, the oldest in the Diaspora, will have a new president, chosen by the 27 members of the new board elected last week.
Ruth Dureghello, leader of the list “Per Israele” (“For Israel”) and former councilor for a Jewish school, won 12 out of the 27 seats. She was followed by journalist Fiamma Nirenstein, leader of “Israele siamo noi” (“We are Israel”), with 6 seats; entrepreneur Maurizio Tagliacozzo, leader of “Menorah”, also with 6 seats; and public official Claudia Fellus, leader of “Binah”, 3 seats.

The elected representatives of “Per Israele” are Piero Bonfiglioli, Giordana Moscati, Eugenio Calò, Gadiel Tachè, Ruben Della Rocca, Micol Finzi, Antonio Toni Spizzichino, Daniel Funaro, Daniela Debach, Giacomo Moscati and Gianni Ascarelli; the ones of “Israele siamo noi” are Marco Sed, Giorgia Calò, Alberto Ouazana, Marco Sed and Alberto Piazza O Sed; the ones of “Menorah” are Guido Coen, Roberto Coen, Massimo Gai, Cesare Roger Hannuna and Ariel Arbib; and the ones of “Binah” are Sabrina Coen and Loredana Spagnoletto.

After over twenty years on the board of the Community and three terms as president, the former president Riccardo Pacifici, founder of the list “Per Israele”, wasn’t eligible for reelection because of the regulation which prevents people from running for more than three consecutive terms.