NEWS A Woman Will Lead Rome’s Jewish Community

dureghelloBy Adam Smulevich

Ruth Dureghello, 48 years old, leader of the list “Per Israele” (“For Israel”), is the first woman in history appointed as president of the Jewish Community of Rome, the oldest of the Diaspora.

Dureghello was voted in by a large majority of the new Council of the Community which was elected two weeks ago (she received 24 out of 26 votes). Sitting on the Council are also members of the other three lists which participated in the community election: “Israele siamo noi” (“We are Israel”), lead by journalist Fiamma Nirenstein; “Menorah”, lead by entrepreneur Maurizio Tagliacozzo; “Binah”, lead by public official Claudia Fellus.

The new president had been the member of the board in charge of the Jewish school for seven years.

“It is time to put aside all rivalries and work together for the good of the Community,” she said in her first speech after the appointment. Her intention is to create a board, which features representatives of all lists.

In an interview published in the July issue of Pagine Ebraiche, Dureghello confirmed, “My plan is for the representatives to sit around a table and offer with total transparency ideas and choices that will be taken for our Community. There are different ideas on some specific aspects, which is natural and right. However, all the lists share the same values. This is a fundamental starting point.”

Among the themes Dureghello identifies as crucial for the future of the Community are extensive interventions to deal with social emergencies, helping the Jewish school (“which is already excellent”, she claimed) in fulfilling its potential, and increasing young peoples’ involvement in the Community.