EVENTS Celebrating Yom Yerushalaim in Italy

Jerusalem50ItalyBy Adam Smulevich
For the first time, the Italian Jewish community officially celebrates Yom Yerushalaim, the anniversary of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish control. The special anniversary, the 50th, will be at the center of several events including a concert on May 23 at the Trajan Market. The market is a historical site in the complex of ruins in the city of Rome. This venue will highlight the connection between the two capitals which has existed for centuries. The symbolic encounter, rooted in music, words and light will embody two cities that together have made history and that together aim at building a future of peace, freedom and progress.

The full program of initiatives organized by the Union of Jewish Communities, the Jewish community of Rome, the Israeli Embassy in Italy and the Chevrat Yehudi Italia be-Israel responds to the need for a celebration that pays tribute to the city. This highlights the millennial history, sacred places, the development of neighborhoods and their inhabitants as well as its identity as a center of thought, culture and innovation.

Because beyond the political news focusing on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the recognition of sacred places, there is a vibrant Jerusalem that challenges and demonstrates that coexistence between religions and ethnicities can be complex and difficult.
In the program there is also an entire day (May 28) dedicated to Israel from many aspects: literature, culture, cinema, art and archeology.