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NEWS Rosselli Brothers Archive Returns to the Public

rosselliBy Adam Smulevich

The papers and the private library of Carlo and Nello Rosselli, two famous anti-fascist Jewish intellectuals killed in France on June 9, 1937, most likely following a direct order by Benito Mussolini, were returned to Florence.

The materials which risked being lost forever are now a part of the state Archives of Florence. The initiative took place on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of their murder. There was a formal inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to the Rosselli brothers at the Archives.

“This is a great joy and a great honor and honors these two fathers of democracy in Italy,” former minister and head of Circolo Rosselli in Florence, Valdo Spini declared during the ceremony.

He also stressed, “Justice and Freedom are the words that recall the memory of the Rosselli brothers. They are the key words of democracy. There is no real freedom without justice, there is no justice unless it is lived in a regime of freedom. Only these truths are lost do we realize how fundamental they are”.

The exhibition at the Archives is divided into six sections, among them one is about Rosselli brothers’ relation to Judaism and family environment.