CULTURE An Exhibit Brings a Taste of Jewish Rome in New York

rome labBy Pagine Ebraiche staff

An installation featuring a virtual path in Ancient Rome and its millennial Jewish history was inaugurated last week in New York. Called “Rome Lab”, the initiative is being carried out by the Yeshiva University Museum, the Primo Levi Center, the Jewish Museum of Rome, the NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò, the American Sephardi Federation and the Center for Jewish History, and it’s part of the exhibit “The Arch of Titus – from Jerusalem to Rome and Back”.

The exhibit focuses on the influence of one of the most iconic monuments of Rome and its meaning and symbol over the course of centuries of history. Rome Lab was conceived by Alessandra Di Castro, the director of the Jewish Museum of Rome and by Natalia Indrimi, director of the Primo Levi Center of New York. Its goal is to represent “a space of memories and imagination” focusing on three physical and symbolic places: the Jewish neighborhood, the Jewish museum and the synagogue.

Curating the installation were Alessandro Cassin together with Valerio Ciriaci and Isaak Liptzin, with pictures by Araldo De Luca.