CULTURE An Exhibit of Questions at the MEIS

Tagliani, Della Seta, CaroBy Pagine Ebraiche staff
A new exhibition at the Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah (MEIS) in Ferrara will be inaugurated on April 5.
Just a few months before the opening of the building that will host the first part of the permanent exhibition, visitors will be able to enjoy the exhibition devoted to “Space for Questions”.
“What does Judaism mean to you?” “How do we celebrate the holidays?” “Where do we meet?” “What do we eat?” are the four crucial questions on which the itinerary is based.
“Sometimes the answer will be straightforward, sometimes it will be another question. This is the exact embodiment of the Jewish approach to knowledge,” commented MEIS director Simonetta Della Seta at the press conference presenting the initiative.
The emphasize that Jewish tradition puts on questions was highlighted also by the chief rabbi of Ferrara Luciano Caro.
The exhibit will feature multimedia installations on among other topics such as the Jewish wedding and the Jewish market.
“Among the goals of the MEIS is to enhance the sharing of the history of Jews in Ferrara and beyond, to show the daily dynamics of communities and rituals, and building on an identity that is alive,” said the mayor of Ferrara Tiziano Tagliani “This can help to defeat the prejudice caused by ignorance.”