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NEWS European Day of Jewish Culture 2018: Focus on Storytelling

EDJCBy Rossella Tercatin

“Storytelling” is the theme chosen for the European Day of Jewish Culture 2018. Over 25 European countries will take part in the event, opening the doors of their Jewish sites to the general population and organizing exhibitions, lectures, concerts, performances.

“This topic was chosen by the majority of coordinators at the final meeting held in Luxembourg in March 2017. Nowadays, Storytelling is a cutting-edge tool in the dissemination strategies of historical heritage, turning this initiative into a great opportunity to explore different areas of the tangible and intangible Jewish European heritage,” explains the website of the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ). The AEPJ promotes the event in cooperation with the Council of Europe and the National Library of Israel.

The Union of Italian Jewish Communities is organizing and coordinating the Italian edition in Italy. The official day will be October 14 and the city of Genoa has been selected as the lead city.

In the past years over 70 cities and towns have taken part in the European Day of Jewish Culture with thousands of people attending the events.