NEWS Minister for Cultural Heritage Visits Jewish Catacombs in Southern Italy

venosaBy Pagine Ebraiche Staff

The Italian minister for Cultural Heritage, Alberto Bonisoli, visited the Jewish catacombs in Venosa, a small town in the Basilicata region last week.

The catacombs date back to a period between the third and the seventh century and are currently under restoration thanks to a project promoted by the Foundation for Italian Jewish Cultural Heritage with the support of the non-profit Associazione Daniela Di Castro.

“Venosa is an astounding site, rare in Europe, that dates from Paleolithic to contemporary times,” commented the minister, adding that he believes that the town could have the potential to become as popular as Pompei.

Beside for the Jewish catacombs, Venosa also presents Christian catacombs, a number of Roman ruins, and historic buildings and churches.