CULTURE Fourth tractate of Babylonian Talmud translated in Italian

Schermata 2019-11-11 alle 14.22.11By Pagine Ebraiche staff

A fourth tractate of the Babylonian Talmud has been released with an Italian translation. Devoted to marriage, Qiddushin hit the bookstores on Thursday, published by Giuntina.

The project of translating all Babylonian Talmud is included in a memorandum of understanding between Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Education, National Committee for Research (CNR), Union of the Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI).

In the past few years, the tractates of Rosh HaShanah (“New Years”), Berachot (“Blessings”), Ta’anit (“Fasts”) were made available to the Italian public.

Qiddushin is curated by the chief rabbi of Rome Riccardo Di Segni.

“The Talmud devotes almost an entire Order, Nashìm, and as many as five treaties to matrimonial law,” rav Di Segni writes in the introduction, noting how the institution of Jewish marriage has a 35-century-long history.