Separated but together, Italy’s Jews
light Hanukkah candles

In Italy, as in the rest of the world, Hanukkah adapts for Covid-19 safety and moves on line. Although the Festival of lights looks vastly different in this time of pandemic and social distancing, the tradition of celebrating together however has not been canceled. Since the start of Hanukkah, many virtual events have allowed to celebrate the holiday safely.
In a very symbolic ceremony, the delegation of 19 doctors from Israel’s Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer who help the Michele e Pietro Ferrero hospital in Verduno hospital to cope with a surge in Covid-19 patients lit the first candle along with the local staff. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated to the event, which was organized by the Israel Embassy in Rome and broadcasted on its social media.
On the first night of Hannukkah, the national event organized online by UCEI also kicked off. Every night, two Jewish communities will light the Hanukkah candles together. This way, from Bologna to Naples and from Livorno to Padua, the whole Italian Jewry will have the opportunity to meet virtually and share the joy of the holiday. On the end of Shabbat, all the Italian Jewish communities joined the celebration simultaneously.
On Sunday, the Jewish Community of Casale Monferrato met virtually with hundreds of friends in a light themed day. During the event, the president of the Jewish Community Elio Carmi and the Young curator of the prestigious collection of the Museum of Lights Daria Carmi introduced seven new artists whose work this year becomes part of the collection. Then the kids of Maccabi Monferrato will present a short video dedicated to the Maccabi World Union.