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Separated but together, Italy’s Jews
light Hanukkah candles

In Italy, as in the rest of the world, Hanukkah adapts for Covid-19 safety and moves on line. Although the Festival of lights looks vastly different in this time of pandemic and social distancing, the tradition of celebrating together however …

“Piazza Giudia”, the doc by Sergio Zavoli

“Piazza Giudia: la retata degli ebrei, 1943” by Sergio Zavoli, is one of the most fascinating documentaries about the dramatic day Roman Jews were rounded up by the SS in the Ghetto and deported to Auschwitz. Shot in 1963 and …

MEDIA ‘Carta canta’, a Commitment for Pagine Ebraiche

Carta cantaBy Ada Treves

There is an expression in Italian, that has a magic musicality and a deep meaning at the same time. “Carta canta” is one of those idioms that are difficult to translate without losing the many layers its …

MEDIA The Golem, from Myth to Modern Icon

PE golemThe January issue of Pagine Ebraiche features a special section about the figure of the Golem, edited by journalist Ada Treves. The following is the introduction to the special section.

By Ada Treves

So rooted in collective phantasy as to …