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Claudia De Benedetti to head UCEI college of probiviri

In charge of deciding on electoral appeals, settling disputes by arbitration, and providing clarifications and interpretations in case of doubts about the Statute, the UCEI arbitration board is one of the key bodies for the proper functioning of Italian Jewish institutions. For the first time in its history, a woman has been called to guide it: Claudia De Benedetti, 60, from Turin, entrepreneur, and member of the board of directors of important companies.
Numerous are her past and current institutional positions in the Jewish world. Director of the Museum of Jewish Art and Ancient History in Casale Monferrato, she sits on the board of the Maccabi World Union and the Museum of the Jewish people in Tel Aviv and is among the members of the scientific committee of the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah of Ferrara. In the past, among her various positions, she was vice president and councilor for youth at UCEI.
Her name, indicated by President Noemi Di Segni, was recently approved with the acclamation of the other members of the board recently designated by the Council of the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities. Following her nomination, De Benedetti indicated Fabiana Di Porto as her vice president and Giuditta Servi as secretary. Both choices received the full approval of the members of the board, which also includes Daniela Dawan, Enzo Ottolenghi, Giuseppe Di Chio, and Ugo Limentani. Guaranteeing the best possible synthesis between the work of jurists and community work: this – underlines De Benedetti, whose candidacy was the most voted by the UCEI Council – will be the horizon of a presidency term “which I would like to be based on maximum collegiality and to sharing as it has always been for this body”.