Italian President remembers “Stefano Gaj Taché, victim of hatred and intolerance”

The 40th anniversary of the attack on the Great Synagogue of Rome is approaching, as Italian President Mattarella remembered in his message for Rosh Hashanah. “The Jewish New Year celebration represents a moment of reflection on the continuation of a path of maturation and progress, at the individual and collective level, on the basis of shared values. My thoughts turn to the fortieth anniversary, next October 9, of the attack on the synagogue in Rome “, he said. His thought went particularly to the memory of little Stefano Gaj Tachè, victim at the age of two of “hatred and intolerance”. Mattarella’s hope is “that people will be able to persevere in building an increasingly harmonious and dialoguing coexistence between the different realities of the country that enrich it with their identities, in harmony with the highest values of our Constitution”. On October 9th, President Sergio Mattarella will attend the ceremony at the synagogue commemorating the attack of 9 October 1982.

Above, the piazza in front of the Great Synagogue of Rome dedicated to Stefano Gaj Taché, the two-year old killed in a terrorist attack that took place on October 9th 1982.