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Run for Mem in Milan: “We live, we run, we remember together”

From the Shoah Memorial to the central synagogue. On Sunday in Milan, over a thousand people went through the places of memory and persecution as well as Jewish life and rebirth on the sixth edition of Run for Mem, the non-competitive race for remembrance organized by the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities in collaboration with the local Jewish community and the Municipality. “In Milan today we live, we run, we remember”, remarked at the start UCEI President Noemi Di Segni. “It is a carefree race in which young people, families, children, and the entire citizenry participate. We are together to affirm that the Jews are a living people, in the middle of the city, who do not run alone and do not remember alone”. Alongside her, to lead the way in the Run for Memo was the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa along with the President of the Jewish Community of Milan Walker Meghnagi, the UCEI vice-president Milo Hasbani, and the President of the Shoah Memorial Foundation Roberto Jarach.
On the starting line, with 1,200 runners equipped with Run For Mem t-shirts and bags behind him, Senate President La Russa expressed the importance of participating in the initiative. “Declarations don’t count, the important thing is to be there. That is worth more than a thousand words. We are against antisemitism as well as anti-Zionism. For the life and existence of Israel,” he said.
The UCEI president also recalled the tragic Shabbat of attacks in Jerusalem. “These too are attempts to strike us with horror, with terror. But we are alive, do not give up, and want peace”. A special mention went to Shaul Ladany, the Israeli walker who survived Nazi concentration camps and the Palestinian terrorist attack in Munich in 1972 and has always participated in the Run For Mem. “This year unfortunately he had an illness and was unable to be as he would have liked to be here. To him go our affectionate greetings”.
A big applause marked her words, then the president of the Jewish community of Milan Meghnagi addressed the participants. “Memory is important for future generations. We must never forget and I want to thank you for being here”, his message. A thank you to those who helped organize the event came from UCEI vice-president Hasbani: “It was not easy; it was intense work. A collective effort”, he pointed out that has brought results. For the councilor for the security of Milan Marco Granelli, the initiative represents the testimony of how “the Jewish community is a fundamental part of the city: crossing the places of persecution is also a way to commit oneself so that those horrors do not repeat themselves”. To act as testimonials to the initiative – divided into two routes, a short and a longer one – were Alberto Cova, former middle-distance runner and Olympic champion, and former volleyball player Luigi Mastrangelo.