TURIN – A “new home” for Primo Levi

By 2026, the city of Turin will dedicate an exhibition space to Jewish-Italian writer and Holocaust survivor Primo Levi and his works within the new civic library under construction. This initiative, a collaboration between the municipal administration and the Primo Levi Center for Studies, was announced at the Turin Book Fair during a session on the latest edition of the literary monthly L’indice dei libri del mese, which included a special feature on the writer with some unpublished works.
“The new ‘home’ for Levi will have distinctive features setting it apart from other similar places dedicated to the Holocaust or the lives of individual writers found across various parts of Europe and the world,” wrote Fabio Levi, president of the Primo Levi Center. Located in the Valentino Park, the new space will allow visitors to meet “a well-defined personality, his concrete experiences, his reflections matured over a lifetime and tested through dialogue with others as they were formed.”
The universe of Auschwitz in its objective reality, added Levi, “will always be related to the subjectivity of those who suffered its consequences, and thus with the thoughts developed by the witness and writer over time.” Among the shelves of Levi’s “home,” there will be space for two translations of his writings, including one recently published in Hebrew and an ongoing translation in Arabic.