CULTURE – Going International in Ferrara

internazionaleBy Ada Treves

“Internazionale a Ferrara” is the international journalism festival of Internazionale, the weekly Italian magazine that, inspired by the French Courrier International, was born in 1993. Every year since 2007 about two hundred guests arrive from about forty countries to animate workshops, conferences, debates and to introduce documentary films from all over the world.

Year after year, as all culture festivals in Italy, there has been a distinctive trend that has seen a growing presence of internationally renowned Jewish journalists. Tenth of thousands of people – last year, for the twentieth anniversary the final count arrived to more than 60,000 – invade every year the fascinating town of Ferrara for three days of culture and discussions on an enormous variety of subjects, exploring all possible sides of journalism.

This year from Josef Joffe, the Polish journalist and publisher-editor of the weekly German newspaper Die Zeit who founded the magazine The American Interest and taught international affairs and American foreign policy at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Stanford Universities to the French journalist Eric Jozsef, Italian correspondent for the French newspaper Libération and editor-in-chief for the online magazine Eutopia, from the Italian journalist and author Gad Lerner to the French journalist, expert on foreign policy, Bernard Guetta, there will be tenth of appointments not to miss. And, as with all major culture festivals, Pagine Ebraiche will be following and participating in the feast of the festival.