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MEDIA Sheva, New Weekly Newsletters by Pagine Ebraiche

shevaBy Ada Treves

Sheva, seven, as the seven days of the week. It is under this new common name that the weekly newsletters produced by the editorial staff of the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) reach their readers. Two of them, now “sheva – melamed” and “sheva – international”, even if less known of the daily “paginebraiche24”, have been going on for a while, under the name of “Pagine Ebraiche International Edition” and, simply, “Melamed”. With a very specific content – the international public and those involved in education – they were considered a specific product devoted to a restricted public, with their own loyal readership, but this is different now: “sheva” is the name of a whole new series of newsletters. There is already one new weekly, called “sheva – ideas” that had its debut only last week, and will give voice to Jewish thinkers and to subjects widely debated, and more newsletters will follow soon.

The two existing products – multilingual, dedicated to an international audience interested in what happens in Jewish Italy the first, and centered on the world of schools and education the second – now both have a new look, and slight changes, in that line of constant growth that is characteristic of the whole work by of UCEI’s newsroom.

“Sheva – International Edition” will continue to develop those regular sections that already characterize it: the multilingual “Bechol lashon”, “Italics” by Daniela Gross and “It Happened Tomorrow” by Guido Vitale, in addition to the “News” section that can profit of the work by the trainees from the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori di Trieste.

The change is perhaps most evident in “sheva – melamed”. Melamed started out as the name of a specific section of UCEI press release, available on the portal of Italian Jewry (LINK ALLA RASSEGNA?), to which a comment of a small selection of press clips was added and sent to a mailing list composed of those in the Jewish communities who have responsibilities in terms of education and schools. Published on the daily newsletter “paginebraiche24”, is the base of the new weekly, with two new sections: “Editorial” and “News” coming from both the Italian Jewish schools and both education and pedagogical matters from all over the world.