SPORTS A Young Soccer Talent Rallies Support from the Jewish Community of Rome

giorgio spizzichinoBy Adam Smulevich

He is not 18 yet, but the entire Jewish community of Rome is dreaming with him.

Giorgio Spizzichino, young talented player of the Lazio soccer team was very close to making his debut as a professional at a very special game: the city derby against Rome played last week. After wearing jersey number 43 and sitting on the bench close to coach Simone Inzaghi, Giorgio felt the thrill of a possible debut which he had been anticipating but had not yet happened.

“It took 18 years to accomplish this result, but I have a great desire to learn and improve.  You can improve in any aspect: there is always time to grow.” This is what was written on the official website about Giorgio.

Perhaps unintentionally Giorgio was also responsible for a small miracle. In the Rome Jewish community which traditionally supports Rome, there were in fact people who at least for an evening were cheering for a player of the not too beloved opponent.