NEWS A delegation of Italian students embark on the MIUR-UCEI Remembrance Journey

remembranceBy Pagine Ebraiche staff*

Over 100 Italian students and teachers have participated in the Journey of Remembrance organized by the Ministry of Education (MIUR) in collaboration with the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day which takes place on January 27.

Minister Lucia Azzolina and UCEI President Noemi Di Segni have accompanied the students, together with David Ermini, current vicepresident of the High Council of the Judiciary.

The itinerary included the Cracow ghetto and the camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, as well as an event at the Temple synagogue, where Di Segni, Azzolina and Ermini have signed a joint protocol aimed to encourage “awareness, training and study activities in institutions of all levels and degrees, to combat all forms of discrimination and violence”.

Holocaust Witnesses Tatiana Bucci and Oleg Mandić, and historian Marcello Pezzetti, consultant of the Foundation for the Shoah Museum in Rome have guided the students in the trip.

Part of the UCEI delegation were also board members Livia Ottolenghi and Jaqueline Fellus, Secretary General Uriel Perugia, the head of the Shoah Remembrance department Sira Fatucci, and the chief rabbi of the Jewish Community of Verona Ytzhak Labi.

Polish ambassador to Italy Anna Maria Anders and Italian military attorney general Marco De Paolis also participated on the trip.