NEWS Italy and Israel sign a protocol to fight coronavirus together

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

The Italian and Israeli authorities signed a protocol to fight coronavirus together last week.

“The Israeli embassy in Italy has initiated this scientific cooperation in the spirit of collaboration and friendship with our beloved Italy, in order to overcome the coronavirus crisis that has caused so much suffering,” Israeli ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar commented.

“To our great joy, the cooperation is now gaining substance, and it will be able to help save lives and be of benefit to the two countries and to all humanity, in facing this epidemic and possible future outbreaks. I thank Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who responded to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request, and helped make this happen,” he added.

The document was signed by the director general of the Israeli Institute of Biological Research, Shmuel Shapira, the director general of the University Hospital Careggi of Florence Rocco Damone, and the president of the Toscana Life Science Foundation Fabrizio Landi.

On the basis of the agreement, the two Tuscan institutions will collaborate together with the Israeli one, one of the world’s centers of excellence in the field of biological research in order to find a cure for the disease.