Eight new Hanukkah lamps
join the Museum of Lights collection

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

For twenty years, the first Sunday of Hanukkah has been a big celebration in the Jewish Community of Casale Monferrato, involving a joyful party and the addition of new Hanukkah lamps to the Museum of Lights unique collection. And despite the pandemic, the tradition was respected also this year. A week ago, the community met with hundreds of friends virtually and eight beautiful Hanukkah lamps, all created by artists, made their way into the permanent collection. The artworks are two Progetti di Chanukkiah (Two Hanukkiah projects) by Stefano Levi Della Torre; Hanukkah 2020 by Nicola Bolaffi; Speranza (Hope) by Florine Offergelt; Dwellings of Light by Clarice Zdanski; Ponte (Bridge) by Enrico Francescon; La luce di domani (Tomorrow’s light) by Enrico Challier and Massimo Biglia; Candelabro – 295 (Candelabrum – 295) by Fabrizio Prevedello. Finally, a silver Hanukkah lamp dating from the end of nineteenth century (picture) was donated by the Furcht family in Milan in memory of Roberto Furcht.
The new additions bring the Museum of Lights collection to 250 pieces. It is a powerful symbolism, as the sculptor Gabriele Levy stressed during the online meeting. In Hebrew, the numerical value 250 is indicated by the letters nun and resh, which together read as ner, candle.