il portale dell'ebraismo italiano

Italian synagogues, a journey
through identity, words and colors

Very often located in the heart of cities, Italian synagogues witnessed over two thousand years of history and of this history they bear all the engraved signs, between ups and downs that have characterized a long and sometimes tiring, however never banal, course. To retrace their story is a new volume recently released and already welcomed by numerous reviews and reports appeared in the national press. Written by Adam Smulevich, a journalist of the UCEI editorial staff, and illustrated by Pierfranco Fabris, the book “Sinagoghe italiane. Raccontate e Disegnate” (Biblioteca dell’Immagine) is a lively journey through words and colors that takes the reader along the arc of this itinerary.
From Trieste to Palermo, 42 cities are involved in this survey that focuses on the salient aspects of this ancient presence, enhancing the particular and universal vocation of buildings that are often easily recognized but not always really known.
From the synagogues built in the ghetto to the Emancipation monumental ones, an impressive series of small jewels and large jewels from North to South are revealed also through the field experience matured by the author in his work in the newsroom of Pagine Ebraiche, and the stories and anecdotes offered to readers in these years.
In some Italian regions the book will be on sale throughout the month of January also in newsstands in offer with some daily local newspapers.