An online platform by CDEC retraces
the persecution of Jews in Italy

Exhibitions and documents related to the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews during fascism are now on display online thanks to the platform Shoah Museum just launched by the Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation (CDEC). To inaugurate the new digital space is an exhibition redesigned for the occasion titled “The persecution of the Jews in Italy 1938 – 1945, through the documents of the time”. The display illustrates the persecution of Jews in Italy during the Fascist regime and the Nazi occupation, retracing the phase of the disruption of rights and social persecution, implemented from 1938 to 1943 under the fascist government of the Kingdom of Italy, then the phase of the arrests, deportation and extermination, carried out from September 1943 to the Liberation in the regions under German occupation and the Italian Social Republic. It is an example of how, through documents, photographs, newspaper articles of the time, it is possible to build an online educational path within the new reality of the Shoah Museum platform.