il portale dell'ebraismo italiano

Antisemitism is always bad

By Gadi Polacco

“Right on Holocaust Remembrance Day’s week”, has been frequently remarked when commenting on the details of the physical and verbal aggression recently inflicted on a 12 years old Jewish boy in the province of Livorno by two 15 years old girls. Sure, the calendar makes this notation evident but not of any relevance. Ignorance and prejudice, clearly enunciated verbally and factually, stress the need of constant and manifest contrast. So, that of the two girls is a cultural and educational disaster. Wide solidarity has been expressed to the aggression victim and his family. Applause goes to the ready and clear intervention by the municipality of Campiglia Marittima. That the aggression happened just before January 27 is not an aggravation: racist episodes such as this are always bad.