MEDIA DafDaf, Imagination and a Gift

RobriddaBy Roberta Bridda*

In the Summer, every year, the pages of DafDaf are particularly playful, and this month the Jewish magazine for kids has received an unexpected gift: Roberta Bridda, an Italian illustrator who lives and works in Barcelona has offered to the newsroom some of her beautiful characters, that she chose to present herself, in a perfect game for these long and hot days. “It is Summer, you’re on the beach, and you have nothing to do… well, then you can look around, you’ll see there is plenty of twigs, shells, tufts, pieces of wood, algae. The file of DafDaf 59 is available here.

You are at the seaside, and your parents are forcing you to wait before diving in the waves because you just ate too much of that delicious food cooked by your aunt? Well, you do not have to get bored: you can look around, you’ll see there are lots of strange characters just waiting to be discovered. In the sand, under the pebbles, all around you there’s a real treasure to be discovered. When you’ve gathered your personal collection of twigs, shells, tufts, pieces of old wood and algae… all you need is a pencil, and some paper.
Put a bit of something on the paper, watch it, turn it, move it up and down and look at what it can become. It could be a nose, a mouth, a leg, maybe even a belly… Try adding the ears, for example, drawing them with the pencil, or a paw, or a missing leg, this game is yours it is up to you to decide what or who you’ll create. Summer is the season for dreams, fantasy and imagination, use them!

*Roberta Bridda is an Italian artist living in Barcellona. She loves everything that has something to do with hand made books, and she gives workshops and lessons to children and adults. She has published several books, and her studio is called Il bosco blu (The blue forest).
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