NEWS Inspired by the Righteous, a Charter for Responsibilities

charter gariwoBy Daniel Reichel
Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni signed the Charter of Responsibilities, a document highlighting fundamental universal values conceived by Gabriele Nissim, president of the nonprofit organization Gariwo (Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide).
“We are living in a historic moment where many of the achievements of the last decades are being questioned. This is a moment where tension and chaos on the international stage seem to increase a lot, meanwhile our societies are under a climate of insecurity. Italy will continue to foster relationships of collaboration, friendship and cooperation with the great protagonists of the international scene,” said Gentiloni. 
“We will continue our journey on the path to dialogue, multilateralism, and of European integration along with the refusal of nationalisms and closed-minded ideologies, in the promotion of Human Rights,” he added.
The Charter – “a map which is able to point us the direction to follow so as to be the protagonists of positive change within our society” as Mr Gentiloni described it – was presented during the last event of the cycle of “The Crisis of Europe and the Righteous of Our Time”, organized by Gariwo together with Theatre Franco Parenti of Milan, with the patronage of the University of Milan and Corriere della Sera Foundation.
“With this charter we want to reaffirm the value of plurality and nonviolence, opposed to the culture of hate. This is the first step of a long journey”, said Nissim during the event at the Parenti Theatre.