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OUT OF THE BOOT Shooting in Singapore with Lorenzo

lorenzo-1By Simone Somekh

Lorenzo Hassan, 32, has always been fascinated by foreign cultures, in particular Asian and Oriental heritages.
“It all started when I got interested in Japanese anime and manga,” he said. “Then I got into martial arts, and …

OUT OF THE BOOT – Raffaella, Hanukkah Miracle in Sao Paulo

Raffaella-Toscano-1By Simone Somekh and Shirly Piperno

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur was fast approaching, yet Raffaella Toscano, 26, had just arrived in Brazil for a four-month student partnership with the University of Sao Paulo. From the moment she landed …

OUT OF THE BOOT – Uber Ride around Miami with Rebecca

rebecca-1By Simone Somekh*

In the past decade, the trend has arisen for adolescent Italian high-school students to engage in study-abroad programs for a semester, or — in order to fully submerge themselves in the foreign country of their choice — …

OUT OF THE BOOT Federica, a Fashionista in Tel Aviv

federicaBy Simone Somekh*

It’s 8:29, and Federica Manasse is in a hurry.
“Hold on, hold on one second,” she says on the phone, running out of breath. “I need to get on the bus.”

As soon as she pays …

OUT OF THE BOOT Manuel, Ready to Take Over X Factor Albania

manuel-moscati2By Simone Somekh*

Since May, Manuel Moscati updates his Facebook page in two different languages ― Italian and Albanian.
“I’m following an online course to learn Albanian,” he said.

Manuel Moscati, 29, from Rome, felt the urge to learn Albanian …

OUT OF THE BOOT Giulia, Cooking Out of the Box at Ottolenghi’s

giulia-bassan-pagine-ebraicheBy Shirly Piperno*

Today Giulia’s favorite dessert is a pear almond crumble with a heart of blackberries.
“Actually…” she quickly adds, “If you asked a mother who is her favorite child, how could she answer?” That’s how Giulia Bassan, 29, …

OUT OF THE BOOT Marta’s Laid Back Australian Lifestyle

martaBy Shirly Piperno*

Think far. Now think further, and you will find yourself in Australia. Marta Olifson, 23, decided to move to Sydney for her 5 months exchange, a place far from her lifestyle and family in Milan, where she …