Out of the Boot

OUT OF THE BOOT Shooting in Singapore with Lorenzo

lorenzo-1By Simone Somekh

Lorenzo Hassan, 32, has always been fascinated by foreign cultures, in particular Asian and Oriental heritages.
“It all started when I got interested in Japanese anime and manga,” he said. “Then I got into martial arts, and …

OUT OF THE BOOT – Raffaella, Hanukkah Miracle in Sao Paulo

Raffaella-Toscano-1By Simone Somekh and Shirly Piperno

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur was fast approaching, yet Raffaella Toscano, 26, had just arrived in Brazil for a four-month student partnership with the University of Sao Paulo. From the moment she landed …

OUT OF THE BOOT – Uber Ride around Miami with Rebecca

rebecca-1By Simone Somekh*

In the past decade, the trend has arisen for adolescent Italian high-school students to engage in study-abroad programs for a semester, or — in order to fully submerge themselves in the foreign country of their choice — …

OUT OF THE BOOT Emanuele: Foreign Affairs, Fraternities and Shabbos dinners

boccia-1By Simone Somekh*

Just minutes before Emanuele and I spoke, three terrorists stormed the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in downtown Paris and fatally shot 12 people.
“Europe is asleep” commented Emanuele. “And once it will finally wake up, it will realize …

OUT OF THE BOOT Federica, a Fashionista in Tel Aviv

federicaBy Simone Somekh*

It’s 8:29, and Federica Manasse is in a hurry.
“Hold on, hold on one second,” she says on the phone, running out of breath. “I need to get on the bus.”

As soon as she pays …

OUT OF THE BOOT Manuel, Ready to Take Over X Factor Albania

manuel-moscati2By Simone Somekh*

Since May, Manuel Moscati updates his Facebook page in two different languages ― Italian and Albanian.
“I’m following an online course to learn Albanian,” he said.

Manuel Moscati, 29, from Rome, felt the urge to learn Albanian …

OUT OF THE BOOT Giulia, Cooking Out of the Box at Ottolenghi’s

giulia-bassan-pagine-ebraicheBy Shirly Piperno*

Today Giulia’s favorite dessert is a pear almond crumble with a heart of blackberries.
“Actually…” she quickly adds, “If you asked a mother who is her favorite child, how could she answer?” That’s how Giulia Bassan, 29, …

OUT OF THE BOOT Diana, Researching on Medieval Philosophy in Germany

Diana-Di-SegniBy Simone Somekh*

Later today Diana will be joining 200 experts in medieval philosophy for an international convention at the University of Cologne. Before heading to the lectures, Diana Di Segni, 30, discusses her new life in Germany, and although …

OUT OF THE BOOT – David, Living A Double Dream in Tel Aviv

David-Bedussa-1By Simone Somekh*

It is no secret – Italians are passionate people.
Those from the ‘Boot’ are well known for their enthusiasm, and so is David Bedussa, 20, a Roman born Jew who travelled all the way to Tel Aviv, …

OUT OF THE BOOT Marta’s Laid Back Australian Lifestyle

martaBy Shirly Piperno*

Think far. Now think further, and you will find yourself in Australia. Marta Olifson, 23, decided to move to Sydney for her 5 months exchange, a place far from her lifestyle and family in Milan, where she …