SPORTS Mahmoud from Jerusalem to Turin to Cheer Juventus

mahmoud juventusBy Pagine Ebraiche staff

In June 2018, the best soccer players in the world gathered in Russia, to attend the most exciting competition ever: the World Cup. A few thousands kilometers away, 250 kids joined an entirely different tournament in front of Jaffa Gate, one of the access of the Old City of Jerusalem. It was a penalty competition organized by the Roma Club Gerusalemme. Many months later, the winner visited Italy, and fulfilled his dream of attending a Series A match.

Mahmoud, 15 years old from A-Tur (East Jerusalem) was at the Allianz Stadium in Turin to see Juventus-Chievo Verona, he received the jersey of second goal keeper Mattia Perin as well.

He also visited the museum devoted to Juventus.

Escorting him was the president of Roma Club Gerusalemme Samuele Giannetti.