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L’immagine di Trieste

Di Jan Morris, morta venerdì a 94 anni, molti hanno detto che il suo Trieste o del nessun luogo (il Saggiatore) non sia la realtà di Trieste, ma solo il profumo che un “non nativo” crede di trovarvi. Può essere. Io penso che comunque a noi resta una immagine dell’idea di diaspora che, in epoca di appartenenze gelose, mi tengo stretta. La riporto qui sotto. La lascio nella sua lingua:
“There are people everywhere who form a Fourth World, or a diaspora of their own. They are the lordly ones. They come in all colours. They can be Christians or Hindus or Muslims or Jews or pagans or atheists. They can be young or old, men or women, soldiers or pacifists, rich or poor. They may be patriots, but are never chauvinists. They share with each other, across all the nations, common values of humour and understanding. When you are among them you will not be mocked or resented, because they will not care about your race, your faith, your sex or your nationality, and they suffer fools if not gladly, at least sympathetically. They laugh easily. They are easily grateful. They are never mean. They are not inhibited by fashion, public opinion or political correctness. They are exiles in their own communities, because they are always in a minority, but they form a mighty nation, if they only knew it. It is the nation of nowhere, and I have come to believe that its natural capital is Trieste”. Grazie per il sogno.

David Bidussa, storico sociale delle idee

(22 novembre 2020)